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Welcome to Cartoons-become-real!


Welcome to the group!
As every group, we have some rules - but hakuna matata, it's not big deal. You just have to follow these simple rules and advice:
:bulletblack: Submit to the correct folder! We have a folder for every kind of picture so deviations can be classified. Please, respect that and don't submit anything to the "Featured" folder. If you have any doubt, leave a comment, and if you have any suggestion for a new folder, it will be welcome!
:bulletblack: "Cartoons" is referred to 2D animation and also CGI. Also other kind of drawings like comics or anime can become real, so yep, they're considered in this group, too! And also videogames characters!
:bulletblack: By real, we don't mean human. By this, I mean that a picture of a real lion representing Simba from The Lion King will be accepted, but a drawing of a human version of Simba won't.
:bulletblack: Try to make the characters look real. Art isn't better or worse depending on the artist. It's just different from one person to another. You can be as awesome as the most famous of the artists or a little child who loves cartoons. Whether you're one thing or the other, please try to make the character look more realistic than in the original version. Eyes can't be as big as in anime, they must have a nose,... This rule can be violated in some cases, though. If the textures really ressemble real textures (hair, skin, cloth...), the drawings can maintain their original proportions. That's what we call 'untooning'. A deviation of this sort will be included in the "Untooning" folder if it's based on a screencap from the movie, anime, etc., or in the one called "Photo manips" if it isn't. More information is included in the description of each folder.
:bulletblack: Mature content is accepted, as long as it is marked with the mature content filter. As I (the founder) am underage, I will only be able to see the images with a warning, but not the ones with strict mature content, so those won't be accepted until I'm 18. I'm sorry for that.
:bulletblack: The simplest of all rules: respect each other. On the one hand, every artist has the right to express in their artworks whatever they want, so don't insult them for that. On the other hand, artists are not allowed to insult/laugh at others with their deviations.
:bulletblack: An explanation about what movie, etc. the character is from in the deviation's description will be highly appreciated. I obviously don't know every fandom in the world, so if I want to compare the deviation to the original character, I will need a mention to the movie, etc. he/she is from.
:bulletblack: OCs are accepted if their original form is in cartoon style and the deviation submitted here is realistic.
:bulletblack: Maybe weird, but genderbending is accepted (see folder Inspired in).
:bulletblack: Please, before suggesting something to the group's favourites, consider submitting it to the gallery.
:bulletblack: Enjoy yourselves in here! Again, I will read any kind of suggestion you have.

I'm sorry for my English. If you can correct my mistakes, I will be really grateful.

Gallery Folders


Today I received a question from an anon on my personal tumblr about Cartoons-become-real. I thought some of you might be interested in it as well, so I'm sharing it here. If any of you feel the same way or have any other message or suggestion to leave, feel free to do so! If you prefer to do it as anon like the example below, I wouldn't mind to receive asks in my personal tumblr.


I am ashamed at how quick you are to decline artwork in your "Cartoons Become Real" dA group, especially when it has very few views and favorites. I thought you would understand, as your artwork is extremely poor quality, and it would be quickly declined from all groups that do "quality control."

My answer:

Hi anon,

You could have messaged me on deviantART so I could see what artwork(s) you are talking about. However, I understand you don’t want to show your nickname. I know my group isn’t big, and I know it’s far from being the best group on deviantART. But as the group’s rules read, I’m trying to keep the gallery full or realistic-looking artworks. I decline those which don’t look realistic enough to me.

This is not a matter of quality, though. For example, I would accept cosplay if it’s just a wig and a hoodie, or if it’s a dress which has taken a lot of time and effort to make. If it was submitted to the wrong folder, I will cancel it and leave a comment asking the user to re-submit it correctly.

As for traditional art, regarding drawings specially, I don’t like those in which the lineart is really noticeable (this also applies to digital painting). Sometimes the proportions and textures are really good, but the lines make it look fake. I made my group for realism.

Other reason why I would decline a submission would be because the original character is not a cartoon. People often send cosplays of characters from live action movies. But yeah, you could possibly know, it’s all on the rules in the index page of the group.

I understand that your opinion might vary from mine, maybe you believe your artwork was worthy of entering the gallery and I didn’t think the same. I am really sorry I made you feel ashamed, but hey, don’t worry. My group has very few views and favorites, so you shouldn’t really care if your artwork is included or not, right?

Finally, I can’t see how the poor quality in my own artworks can have anything to do with all this. I’m a 16-year-old girl who studies at school and draws for fun, not a professional artist. When my artworks are declined in groups that “require more quality”, I don’t really get angry.

I hope you understand my position, but anyway, if you have any doubt or suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me, whether you send a message as an anon or not.

Have a nice day!


PS: If you are talking about the group’s favorites instead of the gallery, do not worry if your deviation is not included. I decline EVERYTHING which is submitted to the favs. It’s in the rules as well: “Please, before suggesting something to the group’s favourites, consider submitting it to the gallery." That doesn’t mean your artwork lacks quality. I don’t accept favs from anyone, ever. The few deviations included in the favs were chosen by me.

Sorry for my English.

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darshan2good Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no it was not the group it was my work i didn't think i had work that would suit the theme of your gallery i mean if you think i have wokr that would suit your galley then pick some of my work and i will rejoin 
It's alright then ^^ Anyway, if you want to be part of the group, remember it's not necessary to submit anything! :)
ArtfulAnarchy Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for requesting our Briar Rose Cosplay [… ] to your gallery c:

No problem, thank you for letting it in! :hug:
Laura-Mambly Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for requesting my photo! Aww 
No problem! Thank you for joining the group :)
thanks for request! (:
taruinen Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for request <3 
No problem! :) Thank you for letting your art become part of the gallery!
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